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 BooksNJ 2017 Meet-n-Greet

Book signing, readings and panel discussion-"Who's the Watson to Your Sherlock?"

Authors' panel: I am Woman - Creating Strong Female Characters in Books

Come meet me and 100 other authors ‪ BooksNJ 2015 Sunday, June 14, 2015, 1:00 - 5:00 on the grounds of the Paramus Public Library. I will be signing books and will also be part of the panel discussion titled:  Creating Strong Female Characters

Speaking Schedule
So proud to be part of this great selection of authors!
Marissa Rives • Michelle Cameron • Virginia Cornue • Lori Goldstein • Kristen Houghton • Trisha Leaver Linda LombriPlease join me, Sunday, June 14, 2015







Kristen has been a guest author for the following shows:

LA TALK RADIO  interview begins at 27:35 minutes into show          

Relationship Reality: The Dr. Robyn DeVal Spirtas Show

WWPR 1490. An affiliate of Fox News Radio. Topics include:

  • "I Do, I Don't, I Do Again: Re-Marrying Your Ex"
  • "Erotica in Relationships"


The Bill Mitchell Report

National Public Radio. Topics include:

  • "The More You Know About Cheating"
  • "Hiring a Private Detective-Positive Feedback"


Relationship SmartTalk

Satellite Talk Radio. Topic:

  • "Happily-Ever-After Meets the In-Laws"


Anything Goes" Radio program.

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