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  TEETH: The Haunting of Dansbury Plot

































What's the secret horror that haunts Dansbury Plot, a deserted piece of land in the quiet town of Bridge Crossing, Delaware? Rumors say there was once a Civil War prisoner-of-war camp on the site where Union soldiers were starved to death by a sadistic Confederate captain. No one knows for sure, but no one steps foot on that plot of land. Twelve-year-old Christopher Hopper and his best friend Kev are going to find out this summer and they're scared.

"Nothing grows on Dansbury Plot—almost everybody simply calls it The Plot—where it sits on the very edge of the Township of Bridge Crossing, across a really wide street from the Little League fields. It’s a square of land about the size of two town blocks and it is barren and dry and dead-looking. Everything for miles around our town is green and flowery pretty much all year long, even during the kinda mild winters we have here in Bridge Crossing, Delaware, but not Dansbury Plot. I mean even with the little bit of snow we get, there’ll be winter flowers poking up all over. And talking about the snow—there’s never been any snow on The Plot. Not ever. Snow on everywhere else but not there. It just looks dead and brown when everywhere else has a nice little cover of snow. What does that tell you about Dansbury Plot, huh?

A lot of scary stories have been told about The Plot and stuff that’s happened. Little kids call it ‘Bury-the-Dead-Dan’s Plot’ but won’t go anywhere near it, not ever. Even animals keep clear of it. Hell, if a mouse was being chased by a cat, it would go clean out of its way and take a chance on getting caught rather than run across Dansbury Plot." Christopher Hopper                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Kristen Houghton

Author of nine novels, two non-fiction books, a collection of short stories, a book of essays, and a childrens novella.

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